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Sep 03, 2021 | Michael Heffernan | 1237 views
Pre-Tryout Skate Information & Cohorts
PHA 2021-2022 Prep Skates 

Instructions for PHA Pre-Tryout Skates / Contact Clinics 

Before you arrive:

Please read over the Covid-19 Procedures and Polices set out by the City of Peterborough, OMHA, and Peterborough Public Health Unit. As well as all specific arena maps and procedure using the following link: Covid

All players / coaching staff must have the following Covid-19 Screening done prior to entering the arena. 

Getting Dressed:

All Players should show up dressed or dress in the parking lot and be ready to check in 15-20 minutes before the scheduled skate. Players will enter the arena 15 minutes before their scheduled ice-time, at which time they will put their skates on in the dressing rooms.  After the ice time, players will have 10 minutes to exit the arena. Players must bring their own jersey and labelled water bottle. Age group Rep Directors and Head Coaches will be checking with everyone to ensure Covid screening is complete and that all adults entering have signed the log sheets.


Numbers in the Buildings:

Starting September 7th, the City Facilities will move to allowing 30 skaters on the ice and two spectators per skater (must be over 18). All those entering will do a self-scan at the door using the cities placards and then sign in on the tracking form. Please remember to wear your mask and social distance at all times. If everyone cooperates and follows protocols, the allowed numbers will be raised to the point where games can be played sooner. If the city allows more players on the ice during pre-tryout skates, we will leave the skate times as they are and make adjustments in the tryout schedules.


NRP Players:

All Non-Resident Players (NRP) are eligible to take part in the pre-tryout skates and contact clinic.  The NRP form from your home centre must be handed in to the AA coach or Rep Director prior to taking part.


Covid –19 - Double Vaccinations:

The OMHA has mandated that all players, coaches and bench staff receive both Covid shots. There is more information to be released by the OMHA soon regarding the details of the mandate and dates that this will be required by. For all players 12 years or older without the vaccinations, you will be able to tryout, but will have to meet the required deadline for vaccinations before rosters will be issued.

Pre-Skate Cohorts & Schedule



All in one group

Sept 8th 4:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 11th 12:30pm Kinsmen PHA

Sept 12th11:00am HPA Leons




Players                        Goalies

A – M = Group 1        A - G= Group 2

N – Z = Group 2         H – Z = Group 2


Group 1

Sept 10th 5:00pm Kinsmen PGHA

Sept 12th 12:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 17th 6:30pm Kinsmen PGHA


Group 2

Sept 10th 6:30pm Kinsmen PGHA
Sept 12th 11:15am HPA Freedom Mobile
Sept 17th 5:00pm Kinsmen PGHA






A-L = Group 1

A-Mc = Group 1

M-Z = Group 2

Mill-Z = Group 2


Group 1

Sept 7th 4:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 12th 10:30am Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 14th 6:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube


Group 2

Sept 7th 6:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 12th 12:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 14th 4:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube





A – H = Group 1

A – L = Group 1

I – Z = Group 2

M - Z= Group 2


Group 1

Sept 7th 6:30pm Kinsmen PGHA

Sept 12th 3:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 15th 7:45pm HPA Leons


Group 2

Sept 7th 5:00pm Kinsmen PGHA

Sept 12th 1:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 15th 6:30pm HPA Leons





A-Coo = Group 1

A-D = Group 1

Cor-Merr = Group 2

E-K = Group 2

Mill-Z = Group 3

L-Z = Group 3


Group 1

Sept 9th 8:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 11th 12:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 16th 5:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile


Group 2

Sept 9th 5:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 11th 11:15am HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 16th 6:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile


Group 3

Sept 9th 6:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 11th 10:00am HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 16th 8:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile






A-Ire = Group 1

A-G = Group 1

J-Moo = Group 2

M-R = Group 2

Mun-Z = Group 3

T-Z = Group 3


Group 1

Sept 11th 11:00am Memorial Centre

Sept 17th 8:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 18th 12:15pm Memorial Centre


Group 2

Sept 11th 12:15pm Memorial Centre

Sept 17th 6:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 18th 1:30pm Memorial Centre


Group 3

Sept 11th 1:30pm Memorial Centre

Sept 17th 5:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 18th 11:00am Memorial Centre







A-Fir= Group 1

A-D = Group 1

Fle-Rey = Group 2

Ric-Z = Group 3

E-S = Group 2

T-Z = Group 3


Group 1

Sept 8th 5:15pm HPA Leons

Sept 12th 2:45pm HPA Leons

Sept 14th 6:30pm Kinsmen PGHA


Group 2

Sept 8th 6:30pm HPA Leons

Sept 12th 1:30pm HPA Leons

Sept 14th 8:00pm Kinsmen PGHA


Group 3

Sept 8th 7:45pm HPA Leons

Sept 12th 12:15pm HPA Leons

Sept 14th 5:00pm Kinsmen PGHA





A-Han = Group 1

A-K = Group 1

Her-R= Group 2

S-Z = Group 3

L-R = Group 2

S-Z = Group 3


Group 1

Sept 10th 5:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 12th 6:30pm HPA Leons

Sept 19th 12:30pm HPA Freedom Mobile


Group 2

Sept 10th 6:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 12th 5:15pm HPA Leons

Sept 19th 1:45pm HPA Freedom Mobile


Group 3

Sept 10th 8:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 12th 4:00pm HPA Leons

Sept 19th 3:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile





A -Ka = Group 1

A - Ch = Group 1

Kl – Z = Group 1

Co – Z = Group 2


Group 1

Sept 7th 7:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 11th 2:45pm Memorial Centre

Sept 14th 9:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube


Group 2

Sept 7th 9:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 11th 4:00pm Memorial Centre

Sept 14th 7:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube




All one group

Sept 12th 4:30pm Kinsmen Mr Lube

Sept 13th 8:00pm HPA Freedom Mobile

Sept 19th 6:00pm Kinsmen Mr Lube







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