Development 1 Coaches Course (Peterborough Hockey Association)

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Development 1 Course Update (April 1 2022):
The Development 1 Course is currently in the middle of being revamp by NCCP and Hockey Canada and they are aiming for a summer of 2022 release. Anyone who needs this course for next fall should start watching the OMHA Site for available D1 courses as there will be a few spread out over the spring and summer before the rush in the fall.  When you take the two day either in-person / online course this gets you trained and you will have one year to become certified through and an in person evaluation.  Once certified you will have five years to complete 20 PD maintenance points on your NCCP Locker. If you complete these within the five years then at the end of your five year cycle you will automatically renew as certified for another five years. 

The OMHA starting April 1st, 2022, is mandating in person evaluations again to become certified after being trained last fall as many of you were in the PHA. All currently trained coaches must receive an evaluation to become certified before being rostered in the OMHA next season.  Many of you will not be able to be evaluated till next fall due to the OMHA's release timing, however there is work that needs to be completed before and this gives you a few months to complete this work.  The 1-year grace period due to Covid is over and the Hockey Canada and OMHA will revert to past practice of completing the course in person course in the fall. After the course you must then complete the homework booklet, Emergency Action Plan, Ethics Course online (NCCP Course) and then applying for and evaluation through the local evaluator.  If you do not get evaluated within a year of your training the course will laps and you will be required to complete the course over.  If took the Development 1 Course you are currently Development 1 Trained and you will need to be Certified, you must complete the following and once completed send it to [email protected] and request an on-ice evaluation: