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Treasurer Clinton Fox [email protected]
PHA Mailing Address:  266 Charlotte St. Suite 436, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V4

Need assistance with your fees?

There is help out there.


Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities is a registered charity that helps financially disadvantaged families across Canada in times of need. The Jumpstart program helps financially disadvantaged kids get involved in organized sports and recreational activities. Nationally in scope but locally in its focus, Canadian Tire Jumpstart delivers support to children through a Canada-wide network of over 310 local Chapters. The Program was developed in 2005 to address the ongoing need in our communities to make physical activity a priority in the lives of Canadian children.

We understand the important life benefits that sports and recreation can have in the life of a child. Participation in sports and recreation increases a child's chance of success in life through:

•A healthier lifestyle
•Increased self-esteem and confidence
•Opportunities to learn important leadership skills
•Improved school performance and
future education expectations
•More positive relationships and strengthen support networks

The Local Chapter (Peterborough) consists of several organizations committed to helping children and youth in our community with access to recreation and sport activities.
With the support of the 2 local Canadian Tire Store Owners - The 5 organizations administer funds for deserving families in our community....

•Community Living Peterborough
•Kawartha Haliburton Children's Aid Society
•Five Counties Children's Centre
•City of Peterborough - Recreation Division
•YMCA of Central East Ontario - Balsillie Family Branch - Peterborough

Jumpstart inquiries can be directed to  Applications can be submitted directly through the Jumpstart website. If you have any questions you can contact the following:
Residents living in the City of Peterborough - contact a member of the local chapter of Jumpstart, City of Peterborough - Recreation Services Division - 705-742-0050 ext. 2201 or e-mail [email protected].  Residents living in the County of Peterborough contact a member of the local chapter of Jumpstart - YMCA at 705-748-9642 ext. 225.


Why Kidsport? By providing kids with an opportunity to participate in sport programs, KidSport encourages: •developing early physical activity habits that will help increase the probability that kids will remain active in adulthood •getting kids active in sport programs when they are young to develop a strong and healthy community for the future •helping to create these opportunities for sport participation and playing a significant role in supporting many under-represented families in Canada facing economic obstacles

Kidsport goals •The immediate goals that drive all KidSport Canada initiatives are:
•To acquire sustainable revenue to maintain KidSport Canada's day-to-day operations that, in turn, support our network of 11 provincial and territorial chapters.
•To generate sufficient long-term revenue to help subsidize the activities and grant applications of provincial and territorial chapters and over 175 community chapters.
•To increase awareness of the KidSport program in more communities with children and youth in need.
•To develop new alliances that will lead to increased financial support so that more children and youth are participating in organized sport.
•To continue creating accessible or no cost initiatives for children and youth with social, financial or physical literacy barriers.
•To become a catalyst for healthier and more active children and youth in Canada.
The KidSport Grant program provides funding for families in need to help cover registration or equipment costs .
For the KidSport grant application form. kidsport_ontario_application


In 2000 the Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario (MHF) was created to support minor hockey players in the Province of Ontario. This document will focus on the Financial Subsidy Program portion of the MHF. The Financial Subsidy Program provides financial subsidy to minor hockey players who are currently experiencing difficulty raising enough funds to participate in the game.

The Minor Hockey Foundation Ontario Board reviews all applications and a member of the Board contacts the applicant to confirm whether their request will be approved. Donations to applications are not guaranteed. Each request will require a four to six week review period before the applicant will be contacted. All applicants must adhere to the following guidelines:
1.All requests can only be made for players aged five to seventeen years old;
2.No application will be considered unless all necessary documentation is received in full. The President of the local minor hockey association or governing body will be notified if there are any missing documents.
3.Any applicant will play one of four levels of hockey: House, Local, Select/Minor Development League and Representative.
4.Each grant will not exceed $300. Financial assistance will vary depending on each case. Financial subsidy cheques will be issued to the applicant’s local minor hockey association or governing body.
For application   Minor hockey financial subsidy program


PHA Cares Program


Minor hockey costs are growing every year and it is important for our members to feel comfortable coming forward if they need help.  This information is always held in confidence.  The PHA wants everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of hockey.  Should financial circumstances become a barrier for a child’s involvement, the PHA will try to provide support to local families.  This applies to both house league and rep league individuals. 




“Right to Play” Program: 

·         All requests can only be made for players 5-17 years old

·         Must reside in the boundaries of the Peterborough Hockey Association

·         All required documents must be completed and received in full to be considered

·         Applicants must play on one of four levels of hockey: House, Local, Select/Minor Development and Representative

·         Applications must be received prior or at the start of the hockey season

·         Each individual grant will be at the discretion of the “Right to Play” committee, fund total for all applicants is capped at $3,000

·         Financial assistance will vary depending on each case and only one application per calendar year

·         Funding available for different members of the same family during the same season

·         Funding approval is dependent on the financial situation of each child and will be determined by the PHA “Right to Play” Program committee

The PHA requires a family to apply for Canadian Tire Jump Start Program and the Minor Hockey Foundation of Ontario subsidy program prior to asking for financial assistance through the PHA’s “Right to Play” program. 

The PHA reviews all applications and a member of the committee will contact the applicant to confirm when their request will be approved. 


How to Apply

Contact the president of the PHA Mike Lain at  [email protected] 

to receive an application form or print out PHA Cares application PHACARES_Program.



Treasurer Clinton Fox [email protected]

PHA Mailing Address:  266 Charlotte St. Suite 436, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V4