Coaches (Peterborough Hockey Association)


2020-21 Season : 

U9 (Novice AA) Matthew Faulkner [email protected]

(Novice A) Will be announced after AA tryouts

U10 (Minor Atom AA) Chad Buchner  [email protected]

(Minor Atom A) Coach still needed

U11 (Atom AA) Jamie Delaney  [email protected]

(Atom A) Mika Laitila  [email protected]

(Atom AE) Steve Armitage [email protected]

U12 (Minor Peewee AA) Chad Birkhof  [email protected]

(Minor Peewee A) Jason McCormick  [email protected]

(Minor Peewee AE) Jim Cavanagh  [email protected]

U13 (Peewee AA) Todd Rogers  [email protected]

(Peewee A) Ryan MacLaren    [email protected]

(Peewee AE) Jason Hopkins  [email protected]

U14 (Minor Bantam AA) Jody Albert  [email protected]

(Minor Bantam A) Aaron Garfat   [email protected]

(Minor Bantam MD) John Pacey  [email protected]

U15 (Bantam AA) Jack Linde  [email protected]

(Bantam A) Darrell Wright  [email protected]

(Bantam MD) Coach still needed

U16 (Minor Midget AA) Scott Hartwick  [email protected]

(Minor Midget MD) James Bradburn  [email protected]

U18 (Midget AA) Dave McMorrow  [email protected]

No coaches have been found