PHA Tryout Passport 2021- 2022 (Peterborough Hockey Association)

Print PHA Tryout Passport 2021- 2022
Online purchases must be paid for by credit card. The SUBMISSION NUMBER on the bottom of the confirmation email IS YOUR PASSPORT NUMBER for all AA - A - AE tryouts. Please remember to bring a copy of the email confirmation to tryouts.
    Player Information
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    Tryout data

    1. If not a goalie please check your preference, if no preference please check both
    2. Do you live in city limits/Have you declared Right of Choice.
    3. Only players from Minor Peewee and above are eligible to tryout for AA only if not residentially compliant. The team is only eligible to roster 3 Non Resident Players (NRPs). Players must hand in the NRP form prior to stepping on the ice for tryouts.
    Contact Information
    This information is solely for the use of the organization and the coaching staff for the preparation and assessment of tryouts.
    1. Example: ###-###-####
    2. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
    A refund is only eligible if you make a AAA team. There will be an administration charge of $10.00 on any refund. In order to apply for a refund the request must be submitted through the website by completing the Player Refund Request in the Forms section of the online library. There will be no refunds if you falsely claim residency. There will be no refunds should you state you need an NRP form and not produce it at tryouts. NO PLAYER will be allowed on the ice for tryouts if they have not provided a required NRP form.
    1. By completing the try-out registration, I/We confirm permission for my child to participate fully in hockey try-out activities. I/We recognize that such participation involves risks and hazards, all of which I/We expressly assume and in consideration of acceptance of this try-out registration by the PHA. I/We hereby agree to waive my/our rights to make a claim against the Peterborough Hockey Association (PHA), executive, employees or volunteers, the facility operator, or any others involved in the organization and running of the PHA or any and all claims for damages arising as a result of any accident, injury or otherwise
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