Tryout Guidelines (Peterborough Hockey Association)

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2021-2022 Tryout Guidelines


The P.H.A. is classified as an ‘AA’ Centre in the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) and therefore the 1st priority for Representative Teams is to select a ‘AA’ team.  Once this has been accomplished, the P.H.A. will then select an 'A' and an ‘AE’/MD or Additional Entry team (see list below).  The Peterborough Hockey Association (P.H.A.) Representative Team Tryouts will take place starting Sept 7th 2021, for the following ages and divisions:

Fall Tryouts
U8 Select

U9 AA, A,
U10 AA, A
U11 AA, A
U12 AA, A, AE
U13 AA, A, AE
U14 AA, A, AE
U15 AA, A, MD
U16 AA, MD
U18 AA

Tryout Cost
All players trying out for AA, A and AE/MD Representative
teams in the Fall will be required to purchase a Passport at a cost of $90.00, or $30.00. This will get the player through all P.H.A. tryouts.  Passports are now available for purchase online (Credit Card-Paypal only) NO CASH OR CHEQUES.

Passports need to be purchased by the posted deadline in order to get you on the coach's list.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you do not have a passport before the deadline you will not be sold one and not eligible for tryouts.

Non - Resident Players Welcome – The Peterborough Hockey Association is inviting non-resident players to tryout.  Non - residents are only eligible for the AA level at the U12 and above age groups. The maximum number of NRP's allowed per team is three.  NRP eligible players must be pre-registered with their home center and bring to PHA tryouts an NRP approved passport from their home center.  NOTE: If you are an NRP player and do not produce your home center NRP approved passport at tryouts you will not be allowed on the ice. NRP’s will be required to purchase the PHA tryout passport at a cost of $30.00 per skate.  You will be required to produce a current receipt for each skate

Player Tryout Guidelines:
• Peterborough players who were rostered on a P.H.A. 'AA', 'A' or 'AE' team for the prior season, must first tryout for the 'AA' team in order to be eligible to play on a team below 'AA' for the upcoming season, this applies to Minor Atom to Peewee.  Only if released by the 'AA' coach may the player tryout for the next level of Representative Hockey.

Tryout Exemptions:
Players must attend tryouts to be eligible to be carded to a P.H.A. Representative
team. Exemptions from participating in a tryout due to illness or injury must be requested and granted at the arena by the Head Coach and the PHA REP Executive Tryout Committee. The coach and the PHA REP Executive Tryout Committee are not obligated to grant any exemption request.  Missing a AA tryout to attend AAA tryouts will not be accepted.

Should a player miss a tryout without an approved exemption they will not be eligible to be carded to a Representative

Should a player have an exemption request denied but chooses to not tryout for the team that player cannot be carded to any P.H.A. Representative Team for the upcoming season

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that these rules are understood and that players attend the proper tryouts. Should you have any questions concerning the tryout format please speak with the coach of the team or the VP of Rep.

The P.H.A. reserves the right to card players at any time during tryouts.

Refund Policy on Passports:

A refund is only eligible should you make a AAA team.
There will be an administration charge of $10.00 on any refund. 
In order to apply for a refund the request must be submitted electronically. Link for refund request (Click Here)
There will be no refunds if you should you state you are residential compliant or try and falsely claim residency.
There will be no refunds should you state you need an NRP form and not produce it at tryouts as well you will not be allowed on the ice.