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U10 - U13 AA Tryouts Begin April 28, 2024
U14 - U16 AA Tryouts Begin April 29, 2024

U8, U9, & U18 Tryouts occur in the Fall.
Please check back for scheduling.

Greetings PHA PETES Nation!

Rep Coaches will do their best to develop our players but also provide a safe, fun and competitive environment for our youth to play Rep hockey.

Spring tryouts will feature U10 - U16 AA & A selections. All players must begin with AA tryouts.

Fall tryouts will include U8 (2017) Select, U9 (2016) MD (2 teams if enough participants), U18AA, & U18A.

Please take a moment to read the tryout policy if you have not done so already.  Due to ice shortages again this year, tryouts will be held in various arenas around the city and townships.


A Couple of Points For Tryouts

  1. EVERY PLAYER MUST PURCHASE A TRYOUT PASSPORT BEFORE THE DEADLINE OF APRIL 26 (U10 - U13) & APRIL 28 (U14 - U16) at 11:30PM - There will be no exceptions! If you have not purchased a passport by the deadline, your player will not be permitted to try out.  Any players that purchase a passport and are offered a spot on a AAA team may apply for a full refund (link in Tryout tab). Passports are $105 with a guarantee of three (3) skates for residentially compliant players (i.e. not NRP's). This may be any combination of AA, and A tryouts.
  2. NON-RESIDENT PLAYERS (NRP'S) ARE NOT GUARANTEED 3 SKATES - NRP's will pay as they go. $35 per skate to a maximum of $105. NRP's may be released after the first tryout
  3. YOU MUST BE RESIDENTIALLY COMPLIANT WHEN TRYOUTS START - Unless you are trying out as an NRP, you must be residentially compliant by the time tryouts begin.  If you are not residentially complaint, you are welcome to try out as an NRP player for U12 AA and older. If you are not sure about your situation please contact our registrar for further assistance.
  4. NRP's ARE ELIGIBLE TO TRY OUT FOR AA ONLY - You need your home center to send the PHA permission for you to attend the tryout. AA teams for U12 & older may select up to three (3) NRP's each. Once an NRP is released, they return to their home Centre. They are not permitted to continue tryouts in the PHA system. 

Tryout Expectations:


  1. Tryouts are an ongoing process. Next year's coaches (who in most cases are this years coaches and/ or parents) have been watching games, practices and other team events all year. You would be surprised to learn how much a coach knows about your player before they even step on the ice for the first tryout.
  1. Coaches may not pick who YOU think are the best players/ goalies. That is because coaches have to build THEIR TEAM; not yours. That involves a mix of left and right shots, offensive and defensive players, fast players, grinders, creative/flashy players, and steady/dependable players, along with strong, agile, athletic goalies who tracks the puck well. They also may have to keep body checking in mind, work ethic, which way a player is trending and coachability. Finally, Rep teams generally have between 110 and 180 events over the course of an 8-9 month season, and team chemistry is an important component for success. So, player behaviours/ attitudes along with parent behaviours/ attitudes also have a role in team selection.


With all of this in mind, what should you do to maximize your chances of achieving your goals?

  1. If you are a player, work hard in games and practices. Do the little things! Be a great teammate who is easy to coach. You never know who is watching.
  2. If you are a parent, be realistic. Make sure they know who your child is, and why you think your child is or is not a strong candidate for the team.