Right of Choice (Peterborough Hockey Association)

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If your address does not fall within the City Limits of Peterborough you may not be eligible to play REP hockey.  Please check with the PHA registrar to determine eligibility if you are unsure of your residency or Right of Choice.


3.4 Right of Choice
a) A player resident in a defined Shared Area shall be given a choice of the named Home Centres for which he may play.
b) With respect to Regulation 3.3d) for players resident in areas where there is no defined Centre or Shared Area, a player shall be given a choice of Home Centre when the difference in distance from or to his residence, over well- traveled roads, always measuring by the shortest possible route to the two (2) or more Centres concerned does not exceed eight (8) km, but will not be permitted to bypass a Centre to play for another Centre in the same general direction. The difference in distance shall always be determined by using the distance to the closest Centre for such calculation. The measurement shall always be from the main entrance of his residence to the main post office of such Centre(s) or a location within such Centre(s) as designated with the OMHA.
c) Having made his choice of Home Centre under Regulation 3.4a) or 3.4b) through registration, such player shall remain a member of the Centre with which he has registered until properly released by that Centre, or until the Centre of which he is a resident operates a team for which he is eligible.