Registration (Peterborough Hockey Association)




Registration will be inclusive of all programming, House League and Rep.

Further details to follow when they become available.

Please check back for Pricing, Payment and Programming information closer to the Registration Opening Date of June 1st, 2021.  

There will not be a Pre Registration format for the 2021-22 Season.
Registration and Payment formats will be final.

Thank you

Peterborough Hockey Association


- All Players who have never previously registered in another hockey association are not permitted to register until the parent respect in sport has been completed (see below) and linked to a player profile.

All players newly registering for hockey must send a copy of the player’s birth certificate to the Registrar at [email protected] and a copy of both parents government issued photo ID for address confirmation (this can all be on one sheet).

- All players must have a parent / guardian who has completed the Respect in Sport Parent Program in order to participate in any PHA activities.

For Parents that have never completed the course;

Follow this link to take the Course,

There is an additional fee that is required to take the course.

Course takes approximately 30 - 45 minutes to complete.

For Parents that have previously taken the course for another child; you are not required to retake the course but you must add your new player to your profile. To do this login to your account, click on your Profile. Then click on Child Management and then Add participant and once you have linked your Player click on submit.

ROWAN'S LAW - All Parents must read and will need to check off the box that this has been read in order to register. This is a mandate by Hockey Canada and very important for the safety of our Players. To Read Rowan's Law please click on this Link.



– Credit card payment is the only available option at this time. We do have this year the option to make two payments if you choose to. Dates for the payment will be $300 at the time of registering and the balance of the payment is due and will come out automatically on August 15, 2020.

- Contact the Registrar at [email protected] or the Treasurer at [email protected]


Any player that is registering with PHA for the first time and has previously participated in a different minor hockey association in the past MUST complete a player transfer PRIOR to registering with PHA.  If you have any questions regarding the transfer process, please contact the Registrar at [email protected]

Player moving into PHA from another OMHA Minor Member:
Any player that is registering with PHA for the first time and has most recently participated in another OMHA centre MUST complete a player transfer PRIOR to registering with PHA. The new player will complete the PLAYER TRANSFER FORM FOR RESIDENTIAL MOVES form and send back the completed form along with the required documents listed to the Registrar at [email protected] The Registrar will initiate the transfer on HCR. Once the transfer is approved on HCR, the Registrar will contact the new player letting them know that the transfer has been approved. The new player will then be able to register with PHA.

Player moving into PHA from another OHF Minor Member (GTHL/Alliance/NOHA)
: Any player moving into your PHA from any association not affiliated with OMHA will now be instructed to contact the outgoing Minor Member’s Office. For example if a player is moving from Mississauga (GTHL) to Peterborough (OMHA) they should be contacting the GTHL Office. The Minor Member’s office will then send them the New OHF Residential Move form. They will be instructed to send back the completed form along with the required documents listed. If approved the Minor Member will sign the form and email a copy of the signed form to the OMHA Office. The OMHA Office will initiate the transfer on HCR and update the address. Once the transfer is approved on HCR you will receive the automatic email letting you the transfer has been approved. You will now have access to this player and the family can then register. If denied, the Parent will be given instructions on how to appeal this decision. There is nothing you will need to do.

House League Player Refund Policy:
COVID 19 - Specialized Circumstances. Due to the unprecedented times and the overall uncertainty surrounding the overall health of our community we the executive have instituted a specialized refund request outline for the foreseeable future and/or until there is a recognized end to this epidemic. There will be no refunds given as was done in the past. Should hockey be cancelled or postponed during the upcoming season the Executive will review fixed expenses and determine what if any portion of registration could be returned. This won't happen until after the season has been considered cancelled or finished. No request will be necessary in this event, we will post the proposed refund amounts and reasoning on our main page of this site and provide at that point the link required to submit for refund. You must be in "good standing" to qualify, which means registration is paid in full. We will review "extenuating circumstances" which could be applied for and could be the result of almost any factor. These "one off" circumstances are subject to review and the decision to be made by the Senior PHA Executive, The President, and four VP's (Business, Operations, REP and House League) respectively.